whatsapp web not working how it works and what are the risks of app download

whatsapp web not working WhatsAgent: Online Notifier and Last Seen History is one of the latest WhatsApp spy apps to gain popularity among Android users. The app aims to monitor when one or more contacts become active on the messenger, and promises to indicate when two people have been exchanging messages in a given period.

The program has been available for free download from the Google Play Store since September and has since accumulated over 100,000 installations. However, the history of similar apps gives clues of fraud. See below if it really works and what are the risks of downloading on mobile.

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How does WhatsAgent work?
WhatsAgent’s essential function is to monitor when a particular contact goes online in WhatsApp. Just enter the person’s number to start receiving notifications whenever they open the messenger. These moments are marked on a chart that, along the pace, gathers the history of times when the contact is usually online.

Some users who download the app often register two numbers at the same time as a way of trying to find out if two people have a habit of being online together. In theory, the information would indicate a greater threat that they are talking.

WhatsAgent does not give you access to other people’s messages, photos, videos or audios. To some extent, it only replaces the act of opening WhatsApp to check when a particular contact is online, with the addition of graphing the times and comparing them with another user.

The app has a free down load, but it begins to require a weekly or monthly fee after just a few hours of operation. This is the primary reason for complaint from users who rated the app on the Google Play Store. The weekly value is around $ 25.

App Source
The app has passed obscure. Other apps called “WhatsAgent” appear in APK format at alternative Android stores and give clues that the program has been active under other names. One is the “WhatsAgent: Whats Tracker”, which was made available on the Google Play Store, but was then taken offline. Users report on Google forums that they even paid for top class, but the app brand has stopped working. The app “Whats Agent 2” is also mentioned in online forums.

There is area of ​​expertise between “WhatsAgent: Whats Tracker” and “WhatsAgent: Online Notifier and Last Seen History”, which is featured prominently in the Android store and is only three months old. Apps have different icons, but the interface is the same, as are the promised functions.

The manufacturers, however, are different. While the old app was published by a company called Global Indoor Technology, what is currently active is developed by Dartima LLC. The app page mentions Michail Sikorsky of Belarus as the responsible developer. However, the name is not registered in famous open source repositories or profiles on LinkedIn.
Unlike applications like GB WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp, WhatsAgent is not a modified version of unique messenger. It works only as an online repute screen for contacts and does not replace the true app for exchanging messages. This feature gives the user some security as the app does not request mobile phone permissions and therefore should not cause problems with the privacy of the downloader.

However, questions remain about the suitability of the developer. With a history of similar apps going offline without warning, the app is unreliable and may disappear from the Android emblem store after the user pays the top class. It is unclear whether older versions are retired by Google or the developer himself, but the risk of fraud remains open.

There are still doubts about the effectiveness of the functions. Apart from the ethical dilemma of monitoring other people’s online fame, there is no guarantee that the graph generated by the program will be representative of two users chatting at any given time. Tests conducted by TechTudo further show that notifications are inconsistent, especially if the united states of america monitored contact is the WhatsApp Web.

The user who downloads WhatsAgent is also not exempt from possible WhatsApp banning. In terms of use, the company mentions that it may suspend accounts of persons who may “harm our community and the security of our Services”.

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